Decontamination Contractor Selection

Forensic & Industrial Science Limited has a policy of not recommending a particular remediation/decontamination contractor company.

In line with the recommendations outlined in Guidelines for the Remediation of Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Sites published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health we are completely independent of remediation/decontamination contractors.

We can however provide guidance to assist in selection of a suitable contractor.

The information below is not comprehensive and is intended for guidance only.

  • Ensure that the supervisor and site technicians have adequate experience and training
  • Have they successfully remediated sites similar to yours (e.g. construction type, size).
  • Check what level of supervision the site technicians will receive. For example:
    • will the supervisor carry out spot checks?
    • will the supervisor undertake a full check of work prior to retesting?
  • Determine what level of planning will be undertaken prior to starting work at the site (e.g. assessment of PPE requirements, preparation of a full Scope of Work).
  • Confirm correct waste disposal practices will be carried out, for example a written certification that burial has been undertaken must be obtained.
  • Confirm that the company has adequate insurance cover (e.g. to cover accidental damage to the building, accidental damage to adjoining property, public liability).
  • Agree beforehand on acceptance criteria and a remediation goal/s for the job (e.g. Council satisfied that premises are fit for habitation and levels of methamphetamine have been reduced to below the NZS 8510 decontamination levels.
  • Enquire whether the decontamination contractor intends to subcontract any (or all) of the work (e.g. to electricians, builders, other remediation companies).
  • Ask what costs may be involved if the site fails post remediation testing and additional remediation is needed.


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