Our staff pepare their own Court documents and present scientific evidence so that it is easily understood.

We are familiar with and follow the Code of Conduct for expert witnesses.


Legal Aid

We routinely provide detailed estimates for submission to the Legal Services Agency of the Ministry of Justice.



We undertake the following services:

• critical appraisal of technical reports and expert evidence

• retrospective scene visits

• experimental simulations

• examination of physical evidence including Court exhibits

• secure collection, storage and return of exhibits

• independent laboratory analysis

Expert evidence

The areas in which we routinely provide expert evidence and advice include:

• firearms and ballistics

• methamphetamine manufacture (interpretation of analytical evidence, yield calculations, manufacture or personal use)

• cannabis cultivation (yield calculations, sophistication of operation, personal use or commercial cultivation)

Additional laboratory services

• Fire scene flammable liquids analysis

• Surface swabs from clandestine drug laboratories

• Microscopy & instrumental analysis including SEM, XRD, XRF


(If an area you are interested in is not listed above please contact us – we may be able to assist or locate someone who can.)