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Analytical services Analytical services

Our laboratory services  include Gas Chromatography FID, Gas Chromatograpy MS, XRF and petrographic microscopy.

We also have access to Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive and Wavelenth Dispersive Microanalysis, and X-Ray diffractometers.


Environmental Contaminants

We can investigate both residential sites (e.g. clan lab scene) and industrial sites (e.g. manufacturing plants).

We can analyse for the following contaminants:


Construction materials

Petrographic image of thin section viewed under cross polarized light.

Petrographic image of clinopyroxene in dolerite paving stone. Width of view 4mm, cross polarised light.

  • Leaky home material analysis
  • Type of failure, failure mechanism, water infiltration mechanisms
  • Assess whether materials used comply with specifications and standards
  • Membranes, sealants, paint testing  (e.g. identification of number and thickness of coats in coatings system)
  • Petrographic analysis of stone samples (e.g. pavers) in accordance with BS EN 12407:2007
  • Petrographic examination of specimens for AAR and ASR in accordance with ASTM C856
  • Residual expansion testing in accordance with BCA standard method of test
  • Chloride ingress testing via test method AS 1012.20 calculations as per ASTM C1556
  • Colorimetric testing for carbonation depth as per BS EN 14630
  • Colorimetric testing for chloride penetration via standard silver nitrate solution procedure

Expert evidence & leaky home claims

We have been involved in many leaky home claims and Weathertight Homes Resolution Service cases. Scientists can assess the properties of building materials and mechanisms of water infiltration and can provide expert evidence at arbitrations and mediations.

We can also provide litigation support and expert witness services.



We can collect samples directly from the site or analyse on an as-received basis.



We can customise experimental work, sampling plans and analyses for your situation.